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    My Works


    This page contains links to my academic works, such as independent studies, writing tutorials, and my Master's Thesis.

    Master's Thesis


    Abstract: The PSP, Personal Software Process, is introduced to Computer Science graduate students in Software Engineering (CSCI655). The purpose of introducing PSP to Computer Science students is to allow students to enhance their coding skills and documentation. The PSP requires the software developer to record information about the source code. The gathered information is analyzed through various statistical techniques to help improve the development skills of the software developer. The analysis is used as a tool to estimate future software projects and to help make software development better.

    PSP is the leading approach for software developers to improve their own software development skills. However, the PSP data collection process is a time consuming task and error prone. This thesis will try to solve this problem with PSP. The purpose of this thesis is to provide the California State University, San Bernardino Department of Computer Science with an analysis and recommended solution to improving the software development process of graduating Computer Science students.

    Download link: /works/PaulConradMastersThesis.pdf

    Independent Study

    The pages in the following link are part of my Graduate Independent Study (CSCI695) of the syntax and semantics of the PHP language: /works/php_is/php.intro.html


    During the Winter 2004 quarter, I helped Dr. Keith Schubert with two tutorials to assist students in his hardware course in understanding caches, and loop unrolling.

    Concise Cache Tutorial Abstract: What is a cache? A cache is defined as a small, but fast memory holding recently accessed data, which is designed to speed up subsequent access to the same data. Frequently accessed data such as machine instructions, or data values within a computer program, can be accessed at a faster rate in the cache, rather than from the main memory.

    Concise Cache Tutorial in PDF: /works/Concise_Cache_Tutorial.pdf

    Loop Unrolling Abstract: Unrolling of loops within a computer program is perhaps one of the most important forms of code optimizations that the program code can benefit from. In this article, we will take a look at a function called daxpy ( double precision of a times x[I] plus y[I] ), which is used quite frequently in soling systems of linear equations.

    Loop Unrolling article in PDF: /works/Unrolling_Loops_Tutorial.pdf

    Experiments and Miscelleanous Things

    Messing around with other features of MATHS: /works/maths.experiments.html

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