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    MATHS Experiments


    This page serves as a starting page for various experiments and new ideas to extend Dr. Botting's MATHS tools.


      This is a box. What can we do with it?


    Here is a quick list of key words used in MATHS, as borrowed from Dr. Botting's introduction to MATHS.
    key wordpurpose
    CloseTerminate the last Net, Set, Let, List, Open
    For, forIntroduses quantifiers: all, some, 1, 0..1, ...
    LetIntroduces a temporary assumption used to prove something else
    ListStart an ordered sequential list
    mapIndicates a map, function, \lambda
    NetIntroduces a collection of variables and constraints
    OpenOpen a subsection of the document
    RowAn n-tpl of items separated by tabs in a Table
    Set, setIntroduces an unordered set of items
    TableA table: an relation defined as a set of rows

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