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    Riverside City College Courses

    Fall 2015

    CSC 5 - Fundamentals of Programming Logic Using C++

      CSC 5, Section 48988, Lecture: Monday / Wednesday 7:45AM - 9:10AM; Lab: 9:30AM - 10:55AM; both in BE-208 rcc.csc5.FA15.48988.html

      CSC 5, Section 48987, Lecture: Monday / Wednesday 2:20PM - 3:45PM; Lab: 4:05PM - 5:30PM; both in BE-200 rcc.csc5.FA15.48987.html

      CSC 5 Assignments:

      Homework assignments can be found at: rcc.csc5.FA15.assignments.html

      CSC 5 Notes / Code Snippets: Notes (caution, this is a work in progress, some broken links may be encountered): rcc.csc5.notes.html

      Useful code snippets: rcc.csc5.code.html

      Useful links:

        Want to visually see various algorithms in action? Visit: http://visualgo.net

        Online Flowchart and Diagramming Tools

        Want to try an online flowchart/diagramming tools?
          Gliffy: http://gliffy.com

          Draw.io: http://draw.io

        Want some potentially challenging mathematics/computer science problems to try? Visit: http://projecteuler.net

    CIS 1A - Intro to Comp Info Sys

      CIS 1A, Section 48956, Lecture: Monday / Wednesday 11:10AM - 12:35PM in BE-100; Lab: TBA in MLK rcc.cis1a.FA15.48956.html

    CSC 18A - Java Programming: Objects

      CSC 18A, Section 48984, Lecture: Thursday 6:00PM - 9:10PM in BE-104; Lab: TBA in MLK rcc.csc18a.FA15.48984.html

    Announcement for 09/12/2015

    I have completed most of the restructuring of the site that I wanted to do. The major change you may notice will be that there are several pages in the format of:


    with: {course} = { csc5 | cis1a | csc18a }

    For those of you still getting a grasp of my notation, | means "or".

    The next part of working on my course pages, is to include a dictionary/glossary of any terms that we may introduce in class (I did this with my Assembly Language class in the past, and just have to fix the Linux bash shell scripts to do it correctly again).

    Announcement for 09/11/2015 - Site Restructure

    Over the weekend, I am planning on restructuring the pages, to help make it easier to find items such as assignments, and make it easier for me to find files as well (file naming convention changes); so if you have been bookmarking certain pages, the bookmarks may not work anymore. The best page to bookmark is this page, as it will remain unchanged in the restructuring.

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