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Last updated: Tue Jan 19 17:49:45 PST 2016


    CIS 1A - 11:00AM (Section 41177)


    Welcome to Professor Conrad's CIS 1A course. This page will contain announcements and other information that pertains to Section 41177, which meets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings at 11:00AM.


      Announcements you see here are the same announcements on Open Campus/Blackboard.

      Announcement 1/19/16:

      I have decided to make the number of submissions for the MS Office Assignments on MyITLab "unlimited" ( there is still a "time" limit from when you begin the assignments and when they are due ). I also found the .pdf file format solutions to the assignments for you to check your work. The .pdf file cannot be copied/pasted into MS Word ( I tried it, and it comes out not so pretty ).

      Announcement 1/17/16:

      If you have opted with the temporary access for MyITLab, remember you must purchase an access code to continue with your assignments in this course!

      Remember that there are no exceptions for doing make up work in this course, so make sure to purchase an access code so you can continue to do the course lab work without any interruptions!

      Announcement 1/15/16:

      I will be extending the due date for the MS Word Chapter #1 MyITLab Assignment to: Tuesday 1/19/16 at 11:59PM for full credit.

      Announcement 1/7/16:

      Class is canceled for today due to bad weather. You must still attend the MLK Lab today for your Chapters 6, 12, and 13 lab work. The quiz that was scheduled for in class today will be postponed until Tuesday.

      Announcement 1/5/16:

      The due dates for the lab assignments on MyITLab for Chapters 1 through 6, 12, and 13; will be due for potential full credit by 11:59PM on Thursday 1/7/16. This should allow enough time to get registered on MyITLab, and get settled in with class.

      Also due by Tuesday 1/12/16 will be a one paragraph biographical write up that you email to my email address: Paul.Conrad@rcc.edu

      In the write up, just write up a short write up about yourself. Your name, interesting hobbies, what your goals are in school, and what you hope to gain from our class (as some examples).

    MyITLab Information:

    Enrollment for the lab from MyITLab is now ready. The Instructor Course ID is: conrad01745

    Course Syllabus

    Our course syllabus: rcc.cis1a.41177.syllabus.pdf

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